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Fri 06 December 2019

Marinvests ®, a small but sizable logistic player !

This comes with a few major advantages: flexible and quick response, short decision paths and a lived responsibility for your assignments.

This not only includes the professional execution of all your logistical challenges, but also the development and maintenance of personal relations with both our customers and our suppliers. Because, in the long run, we are convinced that this is the only way to stay a good long-term partner of our customers they can always count on.

Our objective?

The further development of Marinvests as a company that always finds the best solutions for the needs of it's customers.

Our challenge!

To be one step ahead of your logistical needs and to develop solutions with an assured future.

Solutions, that give our customers a definite advantage combined with our commitment to continuity and an excellent service.


Briefly, Marinvests stands for shipping solutions !

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